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Crime Noir Illustrated Shorts with an Undead Twist

An immortal brothel on the edge of the frontier led by an ambitious madam who wants to be a baroness.
To hold the city she will have to make some new friends and deal with some old enemies. 


The Madam is being crushed beneath the weight of her immense legacy. With fewer than a hundred years to her name and dozens on the payroll, there are simply too many mouths to feed at Josie's Place to keep it going. Kurt is an elder baron from San Diego who needs her help to leave the past behind. Their train-wreck of a relationship could be the solution they have both been looking for. 


Greg is having a shitty Friday night and he can't seem to crawl out of his own head--but at least it's pay day. With money to burn he ditches the same old drudgery for a good time up north. Seeking the ugly truth and leaving behind the beautiful lies, always just a moment behind the evidence staring him in the face. 


Andrew Carson is a private investigator who is trying his best to grow past old fears. Everyone he's ever become close to has ended up dead until very recently. Now his older brother, Greg, has asked for his help in finding a missing friend. If the brothers can move quickly enough... she might even survive. 

Art from The Blood Madam